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April 10th, 2021 Support

Capella-GR from EEC

Capella-GR is ready for GOES-R. Are you?

Scheduled to launch in early 2016, the new GOES-R satellites will generate an exponentially larger amount of data than the current GOES series. Our Capella-GR ground stations are designed to handle this massive influx of high quality data.

The new generation of the GOES series will render current hardware and software obsolete. The time to begin integrating Capella-GR is now.

EEC’s Capella-GR ground station provides meteorologists, oceanographers, government and military agencies, and research organizations with the tools they need to observe, collect, and process data from all GOES-R satellites, depending on their location and the system configuration that fits their specific needs.

GOES-R—the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R Series—represents a giant leap forward in weather satellite technology. The satellites will broadcast exponentially higher-resolution data products than the current series, providing improved resolution, increased coverage, and advanced lightning detection among other enhancements. This upgrade will result in more accurate weather forecasting, climate condition monitoring, and ecosystem management, as well as better tracking of solar and space weather hazards.

This all-new technology will render current hardware and software obsolete, affecting more than 400 GOES monitoring stations in the Western Hemisphere. Don’t be caught unprepared for this radical change in the dissemination and analysis of weather and environmental data. The time to begin integrating the Capella-GR ground station into your existing systems is now.


  • Three antenna sizes: 3.7m, 5m & 6m
  • Powerful processing system to handle the dramatic increase in data over the current GOES series
  • 42 inch display coupled with PROTEUS satellite data visualization and analysis software


  • Storm Detection and Tracking
  • Fire Monitoring
  • Air Quality
  • Coastal And Ocean Monitoring
  • Hurricane Forecasting
  • Rainfall and Flood Monitoring
  • Land Cover Observations
  • Volcanic Ash Detection
  • Lightning Detection
  • Severe Thunderstorm Prediction