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Protecting People and Assets

Strategic Partnerships

EEC cultivates key research and technology relationships that help us keep our edge as a weather radar industry leader.

In early 2010, EEC market surveys discovered an unrealized opportunity for significantly lower cost dual-polarity Doppler weather radars designed to enhance the low-level coverage of large-scale traditional weather radar networks, as well as to be used in new sectors that had previously been priced out of the weather radar market.

To serve these markets, a short term but intense product development and engineering effort had to be undertaken. To this end, in November of the same year, EEC was awarded a $1.8 million grant from the State of Oklahoma Economic Development Generating Excellence (EDGE) policy board. As part of this grant, EEC partnered with the University of Oklahoma's (OU) Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC) to develop, manufacture and sell worldwide, low-cost, Doppler weather radars incorporating innovative technology.

The result of almost two years of development, manufacturing, and testing, all in close coordination with the OU ARRC, was the Ranger X-Band weather radar system. Combining the research and applications expertise of the OU ARRC, along with the development and manufacturing prowess of EEC, Ranger now represents the cutting edge of affordable, portable, advanced X-Band radar technologies. EEC continues to work closely with the OU ARRC today, developing new and improved radar algorithms, advancing solid-state transmitter technologies, and enhancing end-to-end dual-polarization measurements.

EEC plus the OU ARRC; the perfect team, seamlessly bridging the research-to-operations gap

Our newest X-Band system

Designed in collaboration with the Advanced Radar Research Center at the University of Oklahoma, the Ranger™ system features dual-polarity accuracy, solid-state transmitters, and low power consumption, all in one affordable and portable unit.