June 1st, 2020 Support
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Comprehensive Remote Sensing Training

EEC will train you in the use and application of remote sensing. Our comprehensive training program includes:

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • Advanced Remote Sensing
  • Satellite Measurements of the Atmosphere, Oceans and Land, an Introduction
  • Operator & Maintenance Training
  • Tactical applications of Direct Broadcast Satellite Imagery
  • Satellite Meteorology
  • Satellite Oceanography
  • Land Product Applications
  • Suomi NPP Product Applications
  • GOES-R Product Applications

Classes are conducted at EEC Facilities in Enterprise Alabama, Melbourne Australia, or at the customer site.

Complete your remote sensing picture

Taking full advantage of sophisticated technology requires a commitment to learning how the system works and how to interpret its output. To help you unlock the potential of your TeleSpace visualization and analysis tools, we will train your personnel in their proper use and application.

Image: NASA/NOAA GOES Project