June 1st, 2020 Support
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iQ2 Signal Processor

The most innovative integrated receiver/signal processor configuration on the market.

The IQ2-RSP employs cutting edge hardware and software technology to achieve the highest weather radar data resolution and system control accuracy.

The IFD supports Digital Automatic Frequency Control (DAFC). The frequency of the IF is no longer controlled by adjusting the STALO frequency, the input frequency of the 4-data channels is now adjusted to match the IF frequency while supporting traditional AFC control.

IQ2 - Intermediate Frequency Digitizer

  • Digitizer is encased in a machined aluminum housing - mechanically robust and stable
  • Provides high inter-channel isolation and external EMI isolation
  • Four signal channel A/D converters with 16-bit sampling up to 100MHZ
  • Maximum number of range bins = 8000
  • Minimum Range Resolution = 15 meters
  • Two Dual-TX channels with independent 16 bit D/A WGs - waveform/TX flexibility
  • Dynamic range ≥ 110 dB (± 1.0dB)
  • Receiver bandwidth = 0.5̃-5 MHz (at IQ2-IF input)
  • WG bandwith = 0.1-10 MHz (at IQ2-IF output)
  • RoHS compliant
  • IIR clutter filter
  • DFT clutter filtering
  • DFT processing
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency = 10 Hz - 24 KHz
  • Number of Pulse widths - 4 with independent configurable matched filters (up to 1280 taps)
  • Dual PRF Stagger Modes - None, 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5

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  • Digital Automatic Frequency Control (DAFC), IFD supported – No AFC required on Magnetron systems
  • All digital IF and signal processing functions hosted on open Linux PC hardware
  • 16-bit digital sampling
  • Up to 8000 Range Bins - highest resolution in the industry
  • High speed serial angle tag bits (Parallel tag bits are optional) – No complex wiring
  • Fiber optic interfaces provide real-time I&Q data recording (10 GB/sec)
  • Open API allows for customer developed signal processing algorithms
  • Wide-band waveform generation and receiving - Enhance radar flexibility