EEC has been ISO 9001 certified without a break in coverage since 1987. EEC prides itself on our long history of application of the ISO 9001 for manufacturing weather radar and satellite ground station systems. The ISO 9001 standards are based on a number of quality mangement principles, including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top mangement, the process approach, and continual improvement. By utilizing ISO 9001 standards, EEC ensures our customers receive consistent, high-quality products and services every time. [Registration Number: 950 99 0537]

Protecting People and Assets
June 19th, 2024

Oberon-XLE from EEC

Designed for more than 160 ocean, land and atmospheric analysis applications, the OBERON-XLE ground station is a robust and turn-key remote sensing solution.

The complete satellite data collection system

The OBERON-XLE ground station gives you the tools you need to collect data from a wide range of polar-orbiting environmental satellite systems, including those operated by NASA, NOAA and EUMETSAT, and analyze that information depending on the system configuration that fits your needs. Covering land, sea and air, the OBERON-XLE provides the highest-quality imagery and sounding data profiles for use by meteorological, oceanographical and disaster-relief agencies, as well as military and research organizations.

Integrated software offers both high- and low-resolution options for the collection and processing of X- and L-Band data, and provides baseline services in a seamless manner.

From manufacturing and engineering to final installation and training, the OBERON-XLE ground station is a turn-key system created specifically to deliver the complete picture from meteorological, environmental and military direct-broadcast satellites.

Level-2 Science Products Derived From:

  • Terra/Aqus MODIS
  • NOAA-18/19: AVHRR, AMSU-A, MHS, and HIRS
  • NOAA-20/S-NPP: VIIRS, CrIS, and ATMS
  • METOP-SG-A1/B1

Oberon-XLE Data Sources:

  • NASA Terra and Aqua
  • NOAA-18, 19 & 20
  • NOAA Suomi NPP
  • CMA Fengyun


  • A complete and fully integrated bundle that receives X and L band direct broadcast data and processes it to level 2
  • Automatic TLE updates as well as remote diagnosis and software updates
  • Simple and affordable installation
  • Typical time from purchase to installed and operational system is 4 months


  • Meteorology and Weather Forecasting
  • Physical & Biological Oceanography
  • Hydrology
  • Fisheries
  • Agriculture &Forestry
  • Climate and Global Change Studies
  • Land-based Change Detection Studies (e.g. urbanization, tropical deforestation, desertification)